80’s METALの日々

LOUDNESSを中心に80’s METALやHR/HM(ハードロック/ヘヴィメタル)作品の感想や情報を書いてます

【Live at Last】Praying Mantis & Paul Di’Anno and Denis Stratton

01. Panic In The Streets (S. Vermeulen, S. Carroll, T. Troy)
02. Dangerous Game (D. Stratton, R. Newton, S. Mann)
03. Children Of The Earth (C. Troy, T. Troy)
04. Lovers To The Grave (C. Troy, T. Troy)
05. Flirting With Suicide (C. Troy, D. Potts, S. Carroll, T. Troy)
06. Hot Tonight (D. Stratton, K. Stewart, R. Newton, S. Mann)
07. Running For Tomorrow (C. Troy, D. Potts, S. Carroll, T. Troy)
08. Wrathchild (S. Harris)
09. Murders In The Rue Morgue (S. Harris)
10. Remember Tomorrow (S. Harris, P. Di’anno)
11. Phantom Of The Opera (S. Harris)
12. Iron Maiden (S. Harris)
13. Cheated (S. Carroll, T. Troy)
14. Running Free (S. Harris, P. Di’anno)





Tino Troy - Guitar, Vocals on 1,4,5
Chris Troy - Bass, Vocals on 3
Dennis Stratton - Guitar, Vocals on 2
Bruce Bisland - Drums
Paul Di’anno - Lead Vocals on 6-14



マンティスが復活するきっかけになったLive です。

特に歌が???的な作品ですが、記録としては貴重なLive だったと思います。


Praying Mantis (featuring Paul Dianno) - Phantom Of The Opera

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