80’s METALの日々

LOUDNESSを中心に80’s METALやHR/HM(ハードロック/ヘヴィメタル)作品の感想や情報を書いてます


Ayreon 『Into The Electric Castle』

1.Welcome to the New Dimension — 3:05 2.Isis and Osiris — 11:11 a. Let the Journey Begin b. The Hall of Isis and Osiris c. Strange Constellations d. Reprise 3.Amazing Flight — 10:15 a. Amazing Flight in Space b. Stardance c. Flying Colours…

Ayreon 『The Final Experiment』

1. Prologue A) The Time Telepathy Experiment B) Overture C) Ayreon's Quest Act I 'The Dawning' 2. The Awareness A) The Premonition B) Dreamtime (words become a song) C) The Awakening 3. Eyes Of Time A) Eyes Of Time B) Brainwaves 4. The Ban…