80’s METALの日々

LOUDNESSを中心に80’s METALやHR/HM(ハードロック/ヘヴィメタル)作品の感想や情報を書いてます


The Almighty【Just Add Life】

Track listing 1.Ongoing and Total 2.Do You Understand 3.All Sussed Out 4.How Real Is Real for You 5.Dead Happy 6.Some Kind of Anything 7.Coalition Star 8.8 Day Depression 9.Look What Happened Tomorrow 10.360 11.Feed the Need 12.Afraid of F…


01. Ultraviolent 02. Wrench 03. The Unreal Thing 04. Jonestown Mind 05. Move Right On 06. Crank And Deceit 07. United State Of Apathy 08. Welcome To Defiance 09. Way Beyond Belief 10. Crackdown 11. Sorry For Nothing 12. Cheat 13. Schitzoph…