80’s METALの日々

LOUDNESSを中心に80’s METALやHR/HM(ハードロック/ヘヴィメタル)作品の感想や情報を書いてます


TAKARA 『Blind in Paradise』

01.Take U Down 02.Your Love 2night 03.Fly 2 Your Arms 04.Love Is Gone 05.What Do U Want From Me 06.Time Waits 4 No One 07.Blind In Paradise 08.Don't Wanna Be Alone 09.No Love's Enough 10.Lookin' Out 11.Say U'll Stay 12.Dance The Night Away…

TAKARA 『Taste Of Heaven』

1. When Darkness Falls 2. Days Of Dawn 3. Your Love 4. December 5. Last Mistake 6. Taste Of Heaven 7. Sacred Pleasure 8. 2 Late 9. Save Me 10. Lonely Shade Of Blue 11. Again Your Love Is Mine (Acoustic Track) 12. Restless Heart (Acoustic T…