80’s METALの日々

LOUDNESSを中心に80’s METALやHR/HM(ハードロック/ヘヴィメタル)作品の感想や情報を書いてます


Crazy Lixx【Ruff Justice】

01. WILD CHILD (Danny Rexon) 02. XIII * (Danny Rexon) 03. WALK THE WIRE (Danny Rexon) 04. SHOT WITH A NEEDLE OF LOVE (Dennis Lind, Tim Compton) 05. KILLER *(Danny Rexon) 06. HUNTER OF THE HEART (Danny Rexon) 07. SNAKES IN PARADISE (Danny R…

Crazy Lixx【Crazy Lixx】

1. Hell Raising Women2. Sound Of The Loud Minority3. Outlaw4. Girls Of The 80's5. I Missed The Mark6. All Looks, No Hooks7. Ain't No Rest In Rock N' Roll8. Call To Action9. Heroes Are Forever10. Psycho City11. Wrecking Ball Crew12. Bad Luc…